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Insomnic? Tips That Help You In Beating Insomnia

Sleep Problems: If your diet contains lots of refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta & rice, you might find it difficult to sleep. Scientists from Colombia University, New York looked at the food diaries of over 50,000 women. They discovered that refined carbohydrates will be having an impact on sleep quality. It is found that whose diets had a higher GI were likely to get less sleep. The reason for this is that carbohydrate rich foods like white bread, pasta & rice produces a high amount of GI and it causes sugar spikes. When blood sugar is raised quickly your body reacts by releasing insulin and can lead to the release of hormones which will interfere with sleep. Diet can definitely affect the sleep. Alcohol & heavy meals give you more sleep. Whole fruits contain sugar but the fibre in them reduces the rate of absorption to prevent spikes in blood sugar. This suggests that for women lack of sleep was due to highly processed foods that contain large amount of refined sugars that are not found naturally in food.
Lack of sleep can be caused by factors such as, depression, chronic stress, pain or discomfort at night. External factors affecting the sleep include the food we eat, the environment, medicines etc.
Following are some tips for beating insomnia:
1.Wake up at the same time each day.
2.Eliminate alcohol.
3.Limit naps.
4.Exercise regularly.
5.Limit activities in bed.
6.Do not eat or drink before going to bed.
7.Make your sleeping environment comfortable.
Sometimes people feel very tired but only 20% of the population gets excess sleep. Insomnia, the inability to get sleep well at night can be caused by stress, a health condition & the medication you take, are even the amount of coffee you drink. Insomnia can also be caused by sleep disorders or mood disorders such as anxiety & depression. Getting a good sleep is vital to your health but many Americans do not get enough sleep. The best solution for lack of sleep is yoga & meditation. The meditation gives you sleep immediately.

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