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Do We Have Alternatives To Expensive Foods Available In Market?

Alternatives to Expensive Foods: Globalisation has made access to expensive foods around the world. If the product is expensive, it is supposed to be superior. It may not be actually good but because of the price, it is felt that it is of good quality. A lot of local products are good & sometimes even better. We should always go for local products.

1.Flaxseeds vs Chia seeds- It is always better to use flaxseeds instead of chia seeds. Flaxseeds that do not only contain anti-inflammatory fatty acids but are also containing many fats that are essential for our overall good health. Flaxseeds are high in fibre & low in carbohydrates that will improve your skin & hair.

2.Paneer vs Feta Cheese- If we compare the two, 100 grams of paneer has 20 grams of fat & 18 grams of protein & 100 grams of feta cheese has 21 grams of fat & 14 grams of protein. But there is a lot of salt in feta cheese to keep it safe. There is nothing better than fresh homemade cheese or paneer. It can easily be made at home with skimmed milk or bought from your local dairy that makes a fresh batch every day.

3.Home-made buttermilk vs ready-to-drink tetra packs- Many households in India can make a glass of fresh homemade buttermilk. When it is made at home, you can control the quality of milk. Tetra pack drinks, on the other hand, contain lot of sugar & preservatives which are bad for health.

4.Fresh homemade yogurt vs Greek yogurt- All types of yogurt contain bacteria that improve health & overall immunity. However, just as with buttermilk, you can choose the variety of milk to make yogurt at home. It is best to make a fresh batch & consume it on the same day.

It’s better to understand that one which is cooked at home is always a better alternative to what it is available outside.

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