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Want To Impress The Guest? Everything About Food Presentation

Food Presentation: If you owning a food service business, food plating & presentation are important. However, food plating is often overlooked by chefs because they are very busy & they are concerned about the taste of their dishes. Focusing on presentation allows chefs to demonstrate to the guests that they are getting their money’s worth. There are no hard & fast rules when we talk of food plating & decoration. An understanding of food plating techniques will help you to improve overall presentation & increase the dining experience for your guests. Before you begin preparing your dish, you should think of how to present it. It is wise to have your ingredients prepared before you begin the actual plating process.
Guidelines for planting food-
1.Choose the perfect plate- Select the right plate for your meal to attract food presentation.
2.Choose the right size plate- Choose the right size of the plate as per the food to be kept on it. The size should be such that the plate should not look too small or too big.
3.Placing the ingredients on time- It is said that the breakfast should be taken at between 8am & 9am. The lunch should be taken around 1.30pm to 2pm & the dinner should be around 9pm.
4.Do not overcrowd your plate- We should not overcrowd our plate because sometimes by looking at it only, we feel full.
5.Create height on your plate- Another way to catch your guest’s eyes is to utilize the power of height. Creating a tall plate can go a long way towards enhancing visual appeal.
6.Use Garnishes purposefully- The Garnishes give a good look to the food though the taste may not be good. The Garnishes are first eaten by the guests.

There are examples of 3 popular plating styles- Classic, free form & landscape. To demonstrate them, we use potato puri, carrots, cucumber etc. An awareness of food presentation allows you to demonstrate your chef’s skills to customers & helps to highlight all your restaurants delicious offerings. With an awareness of these basic principles, techniques & tools you assure to increase your business plating & increase the sales.

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