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Want To Improve Wellness Quotient? Herein Are The Ways To Improve It.

Ways to Boost Your Wellness Quotient:

1.Breakfast, You Must- There is a long gap between the dinner and breakfast. Overnight fast deprives your body of the fuel to revive your metabolism and give you the energy to start the day. If you skip breakfast, you could slow down your metabolism, putting you at risk for issues like weight gain and diabetes. We should always try to eat a heavy breakfast like parathas, Dahi, fruits, and nuts to reap the benefits of breakfast. We can very well eat one or two bananas along with our breakfast. Breakfast should be taken quite early in the morning between 8 am to 9 am. Breakfast taken quite late does not affect our body so much and does not give much energy.

2.Nail Care- Nail biting can damage nail growth. Chronic nail biting can change the shape of the nail permanently so that they grow shorter & wider, making the nails look shabby. Frequent nail biters are constantly damaging their nail matrix, nail tissues. Biting the nails leads to pain and infection. Moreover, the dirt and germs that collect under the nails go into the stomach and there is a risk of stomach infections & worms. Nail-biting also makes you appear nervous. Since nail biting is linked to anxiety, we should avoid it for our own health.

3.Heart Health- High fibre content in whole grains like oats helps to regulate cholesterol levels. A study shows that those who enjoyed a morning bowl of whole-grain cereal had a 29% lower risk of heart failure. Oats are rich in potassium.

4.Raise an Alarm- If your hiccups do not stop in about 48 hrs., it could be a sign of lung cancer. Your central nervous system controls hiccups and brain issues, and some types of cancer affect that system.

5.Light Dinner- We should always try to consume less quantity of dinner. It is always said that breakfast should be like a King, Lunch should be like a Queen & Dinner should be like a Beggar.

Herein are the few tips which will help in maintaining wellness along with balanced meal to live long-lasting

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