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Understanding The Art Of Eating It Right.

Art of Eating: People are always worried about what to eat & what not to eat. They are not able to make out what is good for their health & what is not good for their health. Nutrients only count when a person picks up food & eats it. How we eat, how we approach food is what really matters. We have to find a way to eat what is good for us. We have to understand what is a food & what is poison. We have to learn how to satisfy our hunger & when to control & stop eating. It is all up to us.

It is always advisable to eat more vegetables & also fruits for health. We have learned from childhood only that fruits & vegetables are good for health. Though non-vegetarian items give proteins & vitamins, they finally affect our bodies. When it comes to our dining habits, there is a mismatch between thought & deed, between knowledge & behaviour. Eat food not too much, mostly plants. There is a common proverb that eats less and moves more. We have to teach a child to eat well through example and that example is to be set by us. Only when we practice, the children will do the same. Nowadays we should avoid sugar. If the sugar is more in our body, from the fruits also, it will lead to diabetes & various other diseases.
There are some people who eat ice-cream on a hot day even though it may not suit them. There are some people who eat a sandwich during lunchtime which is also not good. We have to eat not till our stomach is totally full. We have to stop eating before it is full, then only we can maintain our stomach level. Human beings are not passive objects but social beings. We do not just learn from the foods we put in our mouths but from what we see others eat, whether in our own families, at school or on TV. Children learn many eating habits/eating manners from school. When they grow, they learn from the family.

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