Are U Getting Older And Still Want To Remain Active?

As per the data from the Office for National Statistics shows that, in 50 years, there will be an additional 8.2 million people aged 65 and plus as the UK’s population is moving.

As per the NHS, many adults aged 65 years or more spend an average of minimum10 hours each day sitting or lying down. Unfortunately, contributing to obesity, heart-related ailments, and early death, that is why it is necessary to remain active through out.

There are many provisions available that help the elderly feel comfortable at home, such as stairlifts, specialised slippers from Mobility Solutions and not to forget walking frames, but how else can the older generation stay active in a way that’s achievable and manageable as well without any hindrance of affecting lifestyle.
These are the ways wherein you can remain active throughout:

You may find it easy, but even a short walk each day for just 40 minutes will help in improving a person’s overall health and well-being. Perhaps a brief walk to the shops for the daily newspaper or a quick brisk walk around the local park could be enough to get you out of your rest chair and breathe into the fresh air.

Walking helps in improving and maintaining your balance, increasing bone strength; blood circulation as well as overall cardiovascular fitness – and it need not be a 10-mile trek each day! It can be a good way to keep grandchildren entertained as well by keeping outdoor fitness in place, change the walking pattern by turning into a treasure hunt if it’s the right time of year you can even go on a berry hunt, or look for pinecones. Your grandchildren will learn plenty of things.

There’s something enriching about growing your own plants or vegetables, so trying your hand at a spot of gardening can help to improve your mental wellness and physical health.

The fresh air will have an energizing effect, while even a task as simple as mowing the lawn or pulling up some weeds can leave you with a real sense of achievement and then you can also learn to make new food and consume organic food too.

In case you don’t have a garden, one can always check your community for any local volunteer gardening projects that might be happening in your vicinity.

Walking Football
Approximately 40,000 people indulge in walking football every week across the UK – it has become that popular. As well as boosts the older generation to remain active, as it opens up in creating new friendships and make a new social circle that can be enlightening.

It doesn’t matter if you are not that competitive – walking football is all about encouraging activity and maintaining the health as well as physical and mental well-being. There are few clubs for above 70, which is great as the rules like No running and no physical contact. The matches which are 25 minutes long help overall health as well as socializing also.

What types of changes should you expect as you grow older?
Changes once you get older, are usually gradual. Certain physical changes are very common. Your metabolism (how quickly your body can burn calories) becomes slower over time, which means that your body needs very less energy from food than your earlier days.

How much you sleep and the quality of your sleep will also change too. Most people begin to need glasses to read post the age of 40, and might need hearing aid too.

From the age of 50, bone aging increases. Also from around the age of 50, you may notice changes in sexual function: it is normal to have a slow sexual response from your partner.


You have to keep in mind the most important organs changes with age. The kidneys have less ability to retain enough adequate water in the body. And the heart starts to wear and tear. Therefore, one you get older it is need to indulge in physical activity, consume plenty of water and eat a balanced meal.

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