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Khichdi: Best Food For Digestion?

Khichdi is considered to be a meal that is consumed when a person is sick and not having good health. Khichdi is healthy, filling and nutritious as well as easy to digest. The combination of rice and lentils is quite healthy. Indians have been consuming dal rice as a light meal since ages and khichdi brings together in a nice way especially for stomach upset times. The dish is easy to make and can be consumed by people of all ages. Everybody remembers the comfort of eating hot khichdi when a person is down with fever/flu. It is easy to digest on the stomach and it will give a break to your digestive system particularly when a person is suffering from food poisoning. However, khichdi is prepared in several different ways by different communities. It can be prepared from a variety of different grains that is from oats to brown rice and even sabudana and even daliya. A lot of people prefer preparing khichdi from whole grains instead of using white rice as it helps them to get more fibre and essential nutrients. Whatever way you choose to prepare, the taste of khichdi is amazing.
Following are the best khichdi recipes for you to try-

1.Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe- The dish brings together superfood spinach and lentils in a one-pot recipe that is both flavorful and nutritious. This one is for those times when you don’t feel like cooking something too elaborate for dinner but are craving something light and comforting.

2. Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe- Moong Dal Khichdi is the remedy for the flu season. A handful of ingredients make this dish a nice dish that is very light and filling and will instantly make you feel better when you are not well.

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