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Healthy Food: Has Great Options Too?

We all know that one must consume healthy food and body should b taken care. Allow me to enlist some great options which form a part of healthy food. Following are the healthy foods:
Nowadays people always prefer diet food or fat-free food. What does it mean to have these types of foods? What should be the quantity of these foods as per the age? How do they affect? What is the logic behind these foods? Namely:

1.Grains and Biscuits- Oat biscuits are full of sugar and refined flour also. We must read the label before buying them. Brown bread is supposed to be healthy but they are also not always made of whole grains and are mixed with sugar and refined flour. Even colour is added to make it brown. Multigrain biscuits that is cookies are the same as oats cookies laden with sugar and flour. Sometimes they may also contain grain from the mill which is of extremely poor quality. Brown rice has a lower glycaemic index, and if you consider eating it in large quantities believing it to be healthy, you should know that it has as many calories as white rice. The only difference is the slightly higher fibre content.

2.Diet Snacks- Diet Snacks are actually made with sugar and bad oils. Diet Snacks should be bought only if they are properly labelled. People eat diet snacks in large quantities because they feel they are healthy but they are not. We should have diet snacks in small quantities only even though they are low in calories.

3.Fat-Free foods- Fat-Free foods are called as skimmed foods. When we remove fat from milk, the sugar content goes up. When the sugar content is high, the foods have to be flavoured. Though they are labelled fat free foods, they contain a lot of sugar and sugar will not let us lose weight.

4.Momos- Steamed Momos are better than Vada Pav’s and Samosas, which will raise your insulin level.

Too Many Fruits- Fruits are definitely healthy for the body but an excess of everything is always bad. Fruits also contain sugar; it may be natural but sugar is sugar always. Therefore, we should not have many fruits and keep a balanced diet always.

Milk- Milk is for children, not required much for adults. The process of milk extraction is not a pleasant one because nowadays we have milk extraction machines, which is really saddening.

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