Everything About Our Daily Bread

Bread is the most consumed on a daily basis mostly as breakfast. Whole grain or multigrain bread that is without artificial colouring are clear winners and are the best over white slices of bread. White bread is lacking nutrients. It is prepared from bleached flour that is maida which is highly refined. Bleached flour affects the germs leading to loss of more than twenty-two important nutrients such as fibres, vitamins and minerals etc. Hence avoid white bread at all costs.
You may think brown bread is safe but you should make sure that you take whole-grain varieties rather than a coloured variety. Anything which is dark is likely to have added caramel or artificial colour. Always eat wheat bread and not brown bread that is made up of atta and avoid maida with added colour. Though the bread is labelled as wheat bread it does not contain hundred per cent wheat, it contains nearly ninety-four per cent wheat flour as the major ingredient and the remaining six per cent is maida to make it soft and light. Bread labelled as multi-grain will contain a large amount of wheat and small amounts of oats etc. You have to confirm whether it contains caramel colour also to give a good appearance to the bread. Other ingredients containing the bread are sugar, bran, milk, oil and preservatives.
Some suggestions for the bread- First of all try to avoid bread as far as possible as no brand of bread is all that good. If at all you want to eat during an emergency, warm it little, choose mint chutney, olive oil on the bread. You can also take a single slice of bread, top it up with raw vegetables and sprinkle with a seed and nut mix. If we simply like bread butter, try this occasionally. Toast the bread and apply butter lightly with a touch of honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder.
Eating whole-grain bread smeared with butter, lean meat or cheese reduces its glycaemic index and gives us the metabolic advantage. The good news is that bread is one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates.

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