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Everything About High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet: Eating fruits and vegetables every day can reduce the risk of several chronic diseases and also the risk of mortality and make you healthier. Fruits and vegetables help to reduce weight to maintain an optimum level of blood pressure and blood sugar for the human body. Consuming them regularly can keep inflammation at bay. We can also consume fruits and vegetables as a meal. Indians are lucky to have a large number of vegetables for their meals. But if you want to cut carbohydrates from your diet we should eat lots of salads.
Following are some good sources of proteins, vegetarian and non-vegetarian:

1.Chicken- Men and Women need 56 and 46grams of proteins per day in their meals and poultry is a good way of meeting this requirement. A hundred grams. of cooked chicken contains approximately twenty-five grams of proteins as per UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE.

2.Turkey- Turkey is another poultry meat that is one of the healthiest choices for non-vegetarians if they want to consume proteins. A hundred grams. of turkey meat gives us a twenty-nine grams. of proteins as per UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Cooked turkey meat can be mixed with red onions, low-calorie mayonnaise, lemon juice to make it a delicious salad.

3. Egg Whites- Cooked egg whites are an excellent addition to salads. Chicken eggs are one of the cheapest, most widely consumed dietary sources of lean protein. They taste delicious and add a nice and different texture to a bowl of greens. You can simply toss egg whites in the dressing of your choice or place a whole poached egg as topping for your salad. One whole boiled egg contains as little as six gms. of protein, so a better way of using egg in a salad is to use a good amount of whites, possibly with other forms of non-vegetarian lean protein.

4.Nuts- Nuts are also containing a lot of proteins. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, all these nuts give a delicious flavour and nutrition to the meals. It is again advised to throw some form of lean proteins along with the nuts to make your meal sufficiently rich in proteins.

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