The Art Of Being A Mindful Eater

Do you feel you are a mindful eater? More and more often we are hearing we should be eating mindfully. What does that even mean? The practice of mindfulness is a concept that we are trying to bring back recently since we are repeatedly distracted and rushing around. Research is showing that health issues, pain, anxiety and even depression can be due to a lack of mindfulness throughout the day.

It’s helpful to be mindful no matter what you are doing, however, it is essential while you are eating. The faster you eat, the less nutrients you absorb. If you are stressed while eating, your body stores fat and most likely a reason why so many Americans have bloated bellies. If you are eating on the go, you are probably choosing unhealthy options rather than something that will sustain your energy and life.

Mindful eating is the process of allowing ourselves to slow down and focus on what we are eating rather than shoveling food into our mouth while preoccupied.

Think about your day and how you are eating. Are you grabbing a bagel and eating it in the car? Are you picking snacks off of your child’s plate while cleaning up the kitchen? Are you just guzzling down a cup (or two) of coffee without any food? Are you eating lunch while returning e-mails at your desk? Are you eating a heavy dinner late at night?

Pay attention to how most of your meals are consumed. If you feel rushed, distracted, overwhelmed and busy, then you may want to consider a chance to eat more mindfully.


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