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1. This is the most beautiful solution to pesticides we’ve seen.
Long strips of wildflowers can be planted throughout crop fields as a natural deterrent to pests, eliminating the need for pesticides. The strips of wildflowers take up only 2 percent of the total cropland, which could make it much easier to grow organic food.

2. These brands are making major sustainable progress.
At this year’s World Economic Forum, Kering was named the most sustainable apparel corporation for its commitment to sourcing luxury fabrics that are easier on the planet. H&M took home the top sustainable retail company prize for its conscious collection and clothing recycling programs.

3. Want to reduce toxins? Pour yourself a glass of wine.
According to a new study out of the University of Rochester, consuming small amounts of alcohol can “clean” the mind by lowering inflammation and getting rid of toxins. Cheers to that!

4. There’s a cancer “vaccine,” and it’s working wonders on mice.
A new cancer treatment out of Stanford University yielded remarkable results. By injecting a combination of two immune boosters into solid tumors in mice, scientists were able to eliminate all traces of the cancer in the body. Of course, humans are not mice, but this is certainly a promising start.

5. Gut bacteria can lead to colon cancer.
A new study shows that the presence of two types of bacteria in your gut can lead to a higher incidence of colon cancer. Not everyone has these bacteria, and for some of those who do, it might never be a problem. Doctors also warn that you shouldn’t douse yourself with antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria since it could kill your good bacteria and have even more negative overall effects.

6. Everyone is starting to ditch straws, even the alcohol industry.
Plastic, single-use straws have been unsustainable public enemy No. 1 lately (mbg even launched a campaign against them earlier this year). The city of Seattle has banned them, and now the government, pubs, and drinking clubs in Scotland are rallying behind a ban of their own.


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