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Style Tips For Tall Men

What do tall men like Aditya Roy Kapoor have in common with a Varun Dhawan (for example)—a whole set of sartorial precautions. So clearly, contrary to your assumptions, they’re not god-blessed humans in the literal sense. They too, can’t get away with wrongdoing as right-doings in life. That said, besides being a genetically-blessed species (or maybe even not), most of them know the art of dressing for their body type. If they’re tall, they keep a tailor by their bedside. And if short, don’t subject themselves to odd apparel proportions. But that’s them; they have a fleet of experts working on them. For men like us, saving for a latte everyday, we definitely need help. So, today, for men who’re 6 feet or above in height, here are 7 moves that’ll bring you menswear fortune everyday.

Crucial Style Tips For Men Who’re 6 Feet (Or Above)

1. Break Your Body Up
As a lot of global, prolific tall dressers prove, there’s a big gain in splitting your top and bottom half of the body. It’s simple: by making someone look at your body as two different halves, you’re creating distinct lines for the viewer’s sight, eventually flattering your height by breaking it up. Masterful trick!

2. If You’re Wearing The Suit, Go Double-Breasted
As it is with God’s rule of creating living beings, tall men are blessed with comparatively longer torsos. Result? They’re unofficially, the luckiest mascots of the double-breasted suit. Besides adding bulk (in the right amount), they add a lot of definition to your body. And, all without making it appear wider and bigger—you don’t want that.

3. If You’re Tall But Thin Too, Layer Up.
For some, things can really go south with oodles of weight. By piling on extra layers of fabric, we mean. But whatever said, guys who’re tall needn’t worry here at all. The idea is simple: layering brings along a lot of dimension, depth and focal points to your body, which distracts your viewer away from your height. You’re tall, we geddit, no one needs to rub that in the face.

4. Footwear Experiments
Creating a point of interest with your choice in footwear is a great way of bringing someone’s eyes to your feet. But that’s a given. How does it help? Bro, c’mon: it’ll help in ensuring you don’t look abnormally tall, by keeping the attention on your body very grounded. Instead of a view from top to bottom, the viewer will look at your body from bottom to top—which is great. And on a side note, don’t go too clown-y with your shoes anyway.


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